The Companion for The Memorizatıon of The Holy Qur'an

The teaching of the memorization of the Koran (Hafiz) occupies an important place in the Muslim education. This education may differ from country to country and even from continent to continent. The program you have in hand, prepared on the basis of the Hafiz method of education, is widely used in Turkey. This method is based on the principle of concluding the total reading of the Quran by memorizing each Juz starting from the end and then reinforcing the previous memorizations by repeating them in the following readings, with an average interval of 25-35 days. With this method, the student can, according to his abilities, complete his memorization in the shortest possible time and in the most solid way. Although experts have different opinions on the methods, there is a consensus that the ideal age to learn how to become Hafiz is early childhood. In this system, which is considered together with the school, the most favourable period is that of pupils aged 11 to 15 years. (Those who have completed primary school 4-5). The Hafiz roadmap consists of 8 successive stages. The lessons and contents of each stage of the roadmap have been placed, taking into account the process of education of the hafiz with the school, in the program in the form of a "general table of distribution of lessons according to the stages ".

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