Prophet Muhammad: Mercy To The Worlds The Qur'an: The Eternal Miracle

The Divine attributes have three sites of manifestation in this world:
The Qur’an, the Universe and the Human Being.
The Qur’an is the manifestation of the Divine attributes in speech, while the universe is the Divine attributes becoming manifest in action. That is to say, the Qur’an is a universe which has assumed the form of speech, while the human being is the essence and summary of the universe.
The Qur’an contains in its essence the level of refinement, truths, mysteries and wisdoms that humankind can attain until the end of time. In this regard, with its diction and all its other unique characteristics, it is an unmatched miracle the like of which cannot possible be produced by any mortal.
A human being seeking to behold themselves from the Divine window ought to endeavour to read the Qur’an with the eye of their heart and through the profundity of piety and God consciousness. For comprehending the wisdom of creation and leading a life behoving human honour and dignity can only be realised by means of devotion to the Qur’anic decree.
The Messenger of Allah, upon him be blessings and peace, was sent to an ignorant and unlettered society. Educated by Allah Himself, he led his life as a living commentary of the Qur’an. He thus transformed the Bedouin deserts that had become a river of blood into a civilisation of virtue. With an otherworldly ardour, he turned the swamps of carnality each into a rose garden. He instructed his community in the noblest of conduct and through the lessons in wisdom and truth that he imparted and the purpose for his creation he became a mercy to humanity and indeed to all creation.