Sufism And Ma'rifa

Sufism or tasawwuf is an ocean without end. It is the knowledge of the Divine that encompasses the entire universe. Sufism is ma’rifa, the knowledge of Allah.
This is something that exceeds description however everyone speaks of it according to their capacity of understanding and spiritual degree.
Mahmud Sami ç states:
“The origin of Sufism and its rules and methods are all based on the sharia.
Sufism is profound love of Allah and abandoning all pretension.
Sufism is the chemistry of the effusion of the elixir of truth.
Sufism is constant remembrance and invocation and departing from everything other than Allah”
The realm of ma’rifa is very distinct that some mention of it see it to be as a village, some other a big as a small town. Other aggrandise it as a great country and other imagine the world and the hereafter and magnify the realm of ma’rifa to such a degree.
However the essence of the matter is none of these. Only those who have a share in and a taste of it can know…
The purpose of this booklet is to describe with citations and examples of Spiritual Masters, Ârif and Friends of Allah those points.