Masters Of The Naqshibandi Way

This book that you carry in your hand is a humble but important step in attempting to describe the model of the insan-i kamil (the perfected human being). The Murshid-i Kamil these blessed people who have transcended time, are representatives of prophetic guidance and good behaviour. That is, they are models for those who did not have the honour of seeing the prophet r or his Companions y whose guidance is worthy of being followed. Their guidance and advice reflect the words and counsel of the Messenger of Allah. Just like the moon takes its light from the sun, the Friends of Allah are like mirrors that reflect the beauty of the prophetic character. This is why those who observe their state and behaviour with a gentle and loving heart will witness the subtle manifestations of prophetic character. The Golden Chain is a current of spiritual energy that has linked itself to an invisible line of love and that has reached us today, transferred from heart to heart. The lives of these Perfect Guides, their ‘sayr u suluk’ of having passed through their spiritual training and being given the duty of guiding others, are filled with lessons from which we can take heed, whether it be from periods in which they were in training or when they were training others. To take heed from their stories, to listen to their wise advice, to deeply contemplate on their profound states will undoubtedly benefit our correct understanding of aspects of Islam such as zuhd (abstention), ihsan, khushu(deep reverence), taqwa (God-consciousness), rabbaniyya (godliness), ruhaniyyah (spirituality), that is, in short TASAWWUF.

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