Imam Al-Rabbani

Imam al-Rabbani is undoubtedly one of the great sultans of the spiritual world who continues to live in the hearts of the believers. This friend of Allah was born four and a half centuries ago in the town of Sirhind, India. However, thanks to his exemplary life which was spent in struggle, defending the knowledge of the unity of Allah, Allah Almighty made all Muslims love him. His love exceeded the borders of India in a short time and spread across the whole world.
Today, many Sufi paths, especially the Naqshibandiyya order, benefit from Imam al-Rabbani’s guidance and spiritual light. Even after his temporal life, this great spiritual guide has been an actual criterion for the followers of the Prophet Muhammad. From his grave, he continues his service of delivering the message of Islam and guidance as a torch guiding to the straight path from the time he lived into the future.
In this booklet, you will find a little glimpse to Imam al-Rabbani’s life and spiritual journey.

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