Joseph The Prophet

Surah joseph,the reason for the revelation of the surah joseph,the best of all narratives the dream of joseph, joseph s brothers setting their trap,joseph s being thrown into a well ,joseph s being, sold, joseph and zulaykha,zulaykha s testing of the women of egypt, joseph s being thrown into the dungeon, joseph s interpreting the dreams of the inmates of the prison the dream of the prince of egypt,and joseph s interpretation of it,joseph s alayhi al-salam acquittal joseph s appointment as the minister,divine ordinance (judgment)belongsonly to god, joseph s reunıon with benjamin and their conversation,benjamin s detainment,praiseworthy patience, one must not loose hope god s mercyand compassıon i am joseph, joseph pardonıng his brothers take this shırt of mine to my father, i perceıve the smell of joseph the opening of the eyes of jacob.

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