Islamic Etiquette

Allah, glory unto Him, created us in the best appearance, with a pure heart. Allah, glory unto him, has sent prophets and books and through them invites us to His Paradise. He wants us to return to Paradise, to the purest and most exceptional form of life, in a character that is worthy of that purity. He expects us to be delicate and sensitive Muslims with good manners.
After true faith, deeds of worship offered purely for the sake of the Almighty and observing what is permissible and impermissible, there come the principles of morality commanded by our Lord. There are further points of sensitivity and elegance within these general moral principles which we call manners. Manifesting these sensitivities and courtesy to other members of society is called “etiquette (Adāb al-Muasharah) or good manners”
This is what is explained in detail in this book which is in your hands.
We wish you profit and good life after having read this book.

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